Sunday, December 21, 2008

It Continues...

Well, the snow continues :) The kids had a great time with the back door neighbors. Was hularious to hear them stomping through the ice that formed last night. The kids were able to pick up sheets of ice off the top of the snow. The back yard now looks like water waves have frozen back there from all the ice they tore up and threw around.

Rob and I went for a walk last night. Was nice to get out in the dark and quiet. I took some pics of the lights on bushes now under snow. It's all so very pretty. I wish we could drive around and look at other homes. There aren't too many with lights up in our neighbor hood. The freezing rain started falling while we were out and by the time we got home our coats were covered in a very thin covering of ice. Just made me laugh.
You can tell how much it snowed and drifted, that tree has at least 18 in to 2 ft of trunk under all that snow.


Breezy said...

It's nice for you to get to experience a little snow as well:).