Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!!

My oldest is now 12!! I am now OLD :) haha. I was totally ok with having a 12 year old until someone pointed out to me a few weeks ago that I would have a child in the Young Mens program at church. I am the mother of a Mutual aged child. Oh... my... gosh!! I've been ok with getting older, been ok with my kids getting older. This particular birthday of Nathaniel's has been hard for me. More changes come along with 12. Not only does he enter Young Mens he gets to take on the responsibility of holding the Priesthood. In the LDS church young men receive the Aaronic Priesthood at the age of 12, when they are ordained as a Deacon. Today he received that ordination in church. Next Sunday I get to watch my "baby" pass the sacrament for the first time. I just hope I can hold it together, I get so emotional over these things :) Silly, I know.
Nathaniel is loving all this new responsibility. He is even looking for opportunities to be more independent. I think that's what is making this birthday harder. Nathaniel doesn't need me as much anymore. He has already asked that Rob not attend a scout campout, he wanted to do it without his dad around. He started asking at the beginning of the year if he could walk to school, he didn't want me to drive him. Nathaniel has gone out of his way to find out about the upcoming school play and even went and tried out for it! We are anxiously waiting to hear if he got a part, fingers are crossed. Oh my gosh, at his age I was still so painfully shy I would never have been able to do the things he is willingly doing. He's even decided to tell all his teachers and friends at school he wants to be called Nate! When was he allowed to decide if he wanted a nickname?!! haha. So, while I love seeing him grow up and learn to be independent and responsible it makes me sad too. It really won't be long before he's 19 and packing up to go on a mission. Makes me realize how short a time we have them here at home. I remember thinking 12 years ago this age was so far down the road but when I look back now it hasn't been long enough. Nathaniel is a great kid, we love him dearly. I look forward to watching him become a man but at the same time wish he could stay my little baby :)

He got to bowling with friends for his birthday.
After, we came home for pizza and brownies.
Later that night we had a small family party with the traditional ice cream cake.


vaxhacker said...

Yeah, I'm still getting used to the idea that mine's a teenager! how in the heck did that happen?

It's amazing to see how quickly kids like Nathani... er... Nate... are growing up!

Although you didn't date yourself as badly there as Jeff did at the court of honor last night when he referred to the 11-year-old scouts as "Blazer Scouts" hehehe... :)

Quawana said...

Happy Happy Birthday to "Nate"! That will take some getting used to! Please tell him thank you for letting us interrupt his special day a bit. Christy you have such great kids. We love them all!