Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Late Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!

My "little" girl turned 9 last month. NINE! Wow, where has the time gone? She's growing up too fast. She got to celebrate by having one of her best friends come stay the night. The following day we picked up one of her other best friends and we all went to a Halloween Carnival at Jenkins Estate. The three girls had a really good time.
This past year has been a good one for her health-wise. So good we forgot at one point to make one of her CF appointments. Oops. Last year we were in there so much that they all blurred together. This year she's only had to go for her quarterly visits. Her sinuses are even doing well and for once we aren't looking at a surgery within a year of the last. Nov 30 will be one year since her last and at her last check-up (Oct I think) she was totally clear still! Yay!! Hopefully she will have another year of great health.
We are still doing school at home. Elizabeth is like a little sponge, she's doing great. Her writing has improved quite a bit. I had hired a yound lady over the summer to help with light housework and found out that she was also tutoring another child in writing so I asked if she'd tutor Elizabeth. That helped so much and Elizabeth remembers what she learned with Rachelle. So grateful for that cause I personally hated writing and trying to teach my kids to love it has been a huge struggle.
Elizabeth is very much enjoying being a big sister to Meredith. She's very cute with her and is always asking to hold her, which helps me out when I'm trying to get things done.
She is now taking piano lessons. My friend recommended Kristine Parker. She teaches in a very different way. Her students don't even learn the actual notes until year three yet Elizabeth is already playing very simple songs on the piano. She's loving it. Miss Kristine gave her students a challenge. They need to learn 15 songs by ear. It can be any 15 songs they want. The first person to 15 wins the big prize and then each student who finishes after gets a smaller prize. Pretty sure Elizabeth today will be the first. The assignment was given two weeks ago and the very next day she sat down and taught herself 5 songs. Within the week she had learned 10 all together. This past week she learned another 5. I'm glad to see she enjoys it so much and look forward to seeing/hearing her progress.

The following is her first recital piece. Had to laugh as it's so short but she'd only been taking lessons a few weeks at this point. She sat down and started so fast I didn't get the first few notes.


1000 Miles in 2021 said...

We sure love Elizabeth! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

vaxhacker said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!