Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catching up

So, thought I'd catch up on things since I've fallen behind. I don't get as much time on my laptop since I don't have wireless at the Gardiner's and if we are here Seth is usually asleep in the room with the laptop. When he's not asleep we are usually at the house working on it or waiting for an inspector.

Life is crazy right now. We do have insulation up at the house. Today they delivered the sheetrock and guys are actually coming tomorrow to start hanging it! We were a bit surprised at that since it is a holiday weekend. Sounds like they will be working the whole weekend. We were told, too, that if things continue along we may be done at the end of the month! Woohoo!!! I can go for that.

Here are pics to give an idea of what the downstairs will look like. Have to imagine the walls are done.

View of our new kitchen space.

Stairs and entry to garage. LOVE IT!!

View from upstairs, they cut the wall down to a 1/2 wall. We want the appearance of open space.

Went to the zoo last week with Grandpa and Uncle Shane. It was a nice day, not too hot, not too cold.
The sea lions are my favorite stop.

They have a dinosaur walk right now at the zoo. The kids loved it!

Yes, it's called the spitter and it really spits water on you. At least, I hope it's water!

The kids always love to stop and feed the lorikeets. Most of the time they can get them to land on them.
These two were just being cute.
The zoo was too much for Seth, he finally conked out near the end.
The kids are taking swim lessons right now. All three are loving it!
And finally today, Jonathan found a frog outside and had to catch it. It was sitting on the waterslide they have out back.


Hesses Madhouse said...

The house looks great, Christy! You are amazing! Sounds like eyou're making the best out of a chaotic situation.