Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout day camp was this past week. They have it at Camp Ireland in Hillsboro. Our pack this year got to be the Captains. I had the chance to go Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday wasn't so great. Too dang hot, which made me grouchy. Came home that night and ended up waking up with the stomach flu so I'm guessing I was grouchy from that too :) Friday was so much better. It was cooler and I felt like I could enjoy watching the boys this time. The boys, of course, all had a great time. Jonathan and Nathaniel both got bulls-eyes. Jonathan in BB Gun and Nathaniel in Archery. In fact they each got two, one on two different days. I'm very proud of them :) The following are a few pics of my boys from the days I attended. I will set up a slide show with more pics that include the other boys. If you see any like please feel free to copy.

The first activity Tues was the obstacle course.
They got to make pirate hats next.
And eye patches.
At the archery range.
Friday started with badminton. Nathaniel was off trying to earn another pin for Archery so I only have pics of Jonathan here.

The boys made boats out of styrofoam for the Raingutter Regatta.

They then had to race the boats by blowing them down a raingutter full of water.
The last activity included face paint and some sort of Polynesian craft.


Quawana said...

Alice said to tell you that she had a ball with your group! She hopes you enjoyed camp as much as she did