Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Happy Birthday!

Last week we celebrated another birthday! Nathaniel turned 11 on Thursday. We had a quiet evening at home with Grandpa and Uncle Shane joining us for pizza and presents. Nathaniel picked out a great bday cake with Indiana Jones on it.
Carniverous plants!! How cool!!
Happy to get another Wii game!
Seth was at it again. While Nathaniel was opening presents, Seth had gotten a hold of Elizabeth's enzymes and was putting them down the vent. Here Rob is trying to retrieve them.

We told Nathaniel he could have one friend over and he chose to have Noah over for a sleep over the following (Friday) night. Noah is a sweet kid. Always says "please" and "thank you". Always considerate of other people's feelings. He met Nathaniel in 1st grade when Nathaniel attended Errol Hassell. Ever since the two have stayed in contact by phone and seen each other pretty much once a year on Nathaniel's bday. I've decided we need to have him over more often as the two of them have such a good time together. We stayed up late watching the third Pirates movie as Noah hadn't seen that one yet. Saturday morning we all went to the bowling alley with Jonathan and while he bowled with his league the rest of us bowled down at the other end. The boys had a great time together and Nathaniel even managed to break 100!
Nathaniel and Noah at the bowling alley.
Seth getting really bored in his stroller. He's showing off a mouthful of grapes here.

Jonathan is having fun with the bowling. He liked doing it so much over the summer that he chose to drop gymnastics and continue on with bowling until spring. His team is pretty cute. It consists of Jonathan and two brothers named Jonathan and Jesse. They chose "The Three J's" as their team name.
With Nathaniel turning 11 he gets to move on to the next adventure in Scouting. He leaves my little group of Webelos and starts with the 11 year old scouts this week. I'm sad to think his cub scouting days are over :( It seems like such a short time. I know Nathaniel is going to have a great time though as Brother Campbell is his new scout leader and I don't know how anyone can not have fun with Brother Campbell around :) Turning 11 also leaves Nathaniel with only one more year in Primary. It is crazy to me to think that this time next year he will be a Deacon and helping to pass the sacrament at church. Ahhhhhh!!! Where has the time gone? It passes way too fast. And just around the corner is Elizabeth's birthday....


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!!!!! Fun times...