Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party

We decided this year we would have a Halloween party. I've been waiting for Elizabeth to get old enough for us to do one for all their friends. We had so much fun and I hope the kids that attended did also! We split the kids up into three age groups just to have smaller group sizes and to work with similar ages. Beth was wonderful as always and came to help us out. I love that she is always so ready to jump in on my crazy ideas and offer assisstance. The kids showed up in fun and scary costumes. I would have to give most creative to Riley Short. I am so sad I didn't get a picture of her in her costume. She ended up taking it off so she could participate. She had a "mom" figure starpped to her back and then a baby front carry on her front. She was the head to the baby and her legs were the "mom" legs. So it was supposed to look like a mom with a baby in a front carrier.

Getting ready for it was nuts but it was worth it to see the kids having so much fun together. I love doing parties for the kids :)

Now it's our turn. In just a little bit Rob and I get to attend an adult costume party. Gypsies is the theme. Should be interesting!! We get invited every year and this is the first year we were able to say we could make it! I am so excited :)


Quawana said...

OH my gosh! We have heard nonstop about how much fun the party was! The girls just had soooo much fun with their Beasley buddies and new friends.
They are after me to have a Halloween party next year. They said if enough people have parties then there will be no need for trick or treating :D LOL kids