Friday, May 8, 2009

Yellow Belt

I found out last night that I did pass onto my yellow belt and I'm very excited about that! There were four of us that tested and we all passed onto the next level. We won't receive our belts until next week but it's nice to know now. I always get so nervous that I won't pass. I was very pleased with my sparring this time. I've been doing more of the fitness kickboxing and resistance bands and getting in to train more so I'm sure that all helped. I felt much stronger and better able to get in there and fight back. My kata wasn't the greatest, it never is. Kata seems like it should be so easy, it's just memorizing forms. It's the one area I just don't do so hot in though, I chalk it up to lack of grace :)
Rob and I were talking about karate the other night and discussing how one of the great things about it is that you learn to get hit. Seems a bit silly but how many of us are afraid of getting punched? I know I was, I'm not one for pain. But one skill I'm learning is how to take a punch or a kick and not whimp out. I love that! Last night was great because we got to work on actual kickboxing. We had to wear our boxing gloves and head gear and actually try and hit each other in the face. In Enshin there are no face punches so haven't ever really gotten punched in the head. Have been kicked a couple times but they were light :) So, while we weren't really making direct contact to the face it was still good to see I could get hit in the head and not freak out. Of course we were going light, we like each other, don't want to hurt anyone :)
Anyway, really enjoying myself. It's been fun to learn new things about myself. Thought I knew myself so well :) LOL I am definitely looking forward to wearing that yellow next week!!


Quawana said...

Well I would be the total girl who could never do that. Bring on the cancer, I can do that, but to take part in a class where I am getting hit and kicked I would lay down and cry. LOL I am such a baby.

Rachel said...

Go Christy! I admire your determination--- I don't have that kind of drive. :-)

Breezy said...

It's so great when you can learn something new. I am so proud of you for advancing. I'd probably see someone coming at me and run out the door.