Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank You!!

A great big thank you to all of you who showed your support and donated to our team this year for Great Strides!!! We did make our goal :) Yesterday we got to go to Oaks Park and hang out with the hundreds of others who put together teams to raise money for the CF Foundation. I believe they announced our walk raised $150,000!! Wow! I wasn't very good about trying to create a team so our little team consisted of our family, my good friend Lori, and my brother. We decided to let Elizabeth stay the night with a friend the night before and stay with her while we were at the walk. I know she was so bored last year as she's not allowed to really play with the other kids. You just don't know who has CF and there is a very strict 3 foot rule at these things, those with CF have to keep 3 ft away from others with CF or those they just don't know. I'm glad we let her go to her friend's as those two I hear had a wonderful time together :) Anyway, it was gorgeous out, we all got a nice sunburn :) The walk was great, even found a path that shoots off and goes through another nature park so we turned into there just for the shade!

Lori, Seth and the Blazers mascott. So here is where my ignorance of sports comes into play, I still have no idea what that thing is. A wolf? A cougar? Huh? Whatever, Seth thought he was cool.

Lori works for Farmer's so we stopped to get a picture by the Farmer's sign :)

Someone took various comments off of people's team pages and printed them up and put them all over the stage. We found the one Beth and Dean Peden had posted. It says "We love you Elizabeth and want you around a long time". Thanks guys!
This is Lindsay. She runs the show every year! What is interesting about her is her daughter also has CF. Her daughter's name is Elizabeth Rose (though she goes by Ella). She is one year younger then our Elizabeth Rose AND she has red hair!! We found this out when one day the doctors got confused by the two Elizabeth's on the chart. They happened to have an appointment the same day we did. The girls have met but as I've mentioned before they won't ever be able to hang out together.


Hesses Madhouse said...

Way to go, guys! So glad it was done in such nice weather for you! Glad the goal was met! Yay for your wonderful family!!!

Quawana said...

I am glad so much money was raised. We too love Elizabeth, and all the Beasely family, a lot. They really had a lot of fun. Pie is looking forward to having her over again.