Friday, August 19, 2011


I got to start my day bright and early with a phone call to K12, the curriculum we use for Elizabeth to school at home. I love K12. I love the independent study courses we have chosen to do. I love not having a set schedule and we are only responsible to ourselves. BUT, someone screwed up somewhere last year when I ordered her 4th grade materials. We thought it had been taken care of last year, than again in Janurary. It's a long story I have had to repeat several times to several different people at K12 so not going to get into it. But essentially I logged on this week and found that my calendar would not be accessible after the 17th. I called, Rob called, 3 different people assured us that they could see in their system that we are good to go until Nov. 30 (I know seems a bit random but it's the date we started with them back in '09). The last person told me to just wait until the 18th, log on, and I should still see all my materials and everything should be fine. HA! I knew in my gut he was just trying to make us all feel better but I complied. Sure enough, yesterday all her courses were gone and I still couldn't access the calendar. So, another phone call this morning. I was on the phone for 40 mins with two different people neither of which could solve the problem. The first person couldn't even find Elizabeth. Great. She sent me to sales and after 30 mins she told me she had someone working on it but she'd have to call me back. I hate dealing with other peoples mistakes. None of this would have happened if the very first person I talked to back in August of last year had done her job right. The great thing is I can't get anyone to understand the true nature of the problem. I have tried explaining it a couple different ways but I'm sure I'm getting blank stares or maybe even rolled eyes on the other end of the phone. So, now sitting around waiting for the phone call that will tell me they couldn't fix the problem. At which point they are going to have to deal with Rob again and that's probably not going to be pretty. For their sake, when they call back, I hope it's good news.