Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Happenings

We finally managed to get away to the beach a few weeks ago. We met up with the Aunties, Celest and Karen, and just had a really good time! It was a beautiful day and we all went home thoroughly tired and burned :)
They found a LIVE crab this time!

Nathaniel was dead tired. He had done an overnighter with the scouts, stayed up too late, than a 25 mile bike ride that morning, then played on the beach all day. THEN we walked a good 20 mins into Seaside from Celest and Karen's hotel, had dinner, and then walked back. This is him falling asleep at the restaurant waiting for them to call us back :)

Just a cute photo of Meretith and Seth. He sure adores her!
12 YEARS OLD!! Yikes!

We went to a concert in the park this past week. They were doing Hawaiin music. We had a very fun time. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.

Elizabeth invited her best friend Jill along. We finally managed to get them together for a sleepover, it's been ages! The girls had a very good time together.

Rob and Seth found a vendor selling that long rope licorice. Seth ate all 34 inches before we left the park!

I just laugh every time I see this photo. Rob was messing around and this time when he squeezed her cheeks her eyebrows shot up and I managed to get the photo. Too funny!