Thursday, April 17, 2008

Being Silly

Just had to post some pictures of the kids being silly together. Elizabeth was chilling on the couch when Seth just made himself comfortable next her and she proceded to read to him. He had fun pointing at the pictures.

Later the boys started this game they play around the TV. They get Seth to follow them around the corner then sneak away from him and come up behind him and startle him. Seth just loves this and laughs and laughs. It's so nice when they are all getting along :)

It's hard to tell but Seth has no idea Nathaniel is behind him and no idea Jonathan is about to jump out from his hiding spot to scare him. He loves this game. Seth is getting faster on his two legs and actually managed to sneak up on Nathaniel and Jonathan at one point which just made everyone laugh :)

Jonathan poking his head around the corner to say "boo!" and Seth screaming with delight :)

Seth prefers to stand on his scooter rather then ride on it :)

Seth loves to play with Elizabeth's fake food. Here he was trying to carry two hot dogs plus their buns so he had to use his mouth.


Hesses Madhouse said...

I love your photos! You have such a great way of catching things right at the moment of action. They say a millions words--just like being there.

1000 Miles in 2021 said...

Isn't it wonderful to see children so secure and so loved in thier environment? I am so happy to see it! I love your family. Thanks for showing me the good side, and confiding me the real side too!!!

1000 Miles in 2021 said...

I love seeing children secure and loved in a safe environment. Look how they are learning and growing-- what a blessing. Makes me so happy to see it! Thanks for sharing!