Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enshin Karate

Last year Nathaniel started Enshin Karate. It's a little under one year later and he is up to a blue belt and will soon be testing for his high blue belt. He has gotten pretty strong and it's fun to watch him take down his instructors Senpai Lance and Senpai Devin. He loves passing on his knowledge to the new students who have just joined. I've been watching him for probably the last six months having signed up for a kickboxing/resistance band class right before his. I finally decided I would do it too. I thought if I could do the kickboxing the karate would be no problem! HA! Karate kicks my butt but I love it! Senpai Trish is great. She is another student there who will be testing for her brown belt here soon and she takes the time to work with me and gently teach me the ropes. Sensei Heather runs the whole show and she is awesome. She also teaches the kickboxing class that I still attend. Yes, you'd think I would be way skinnier by now, LOL! But I'm definitely in much better shape then I was a year ago (having just had a baby). Unfortunately last week I was attempting to learn a break fall that requires rolling, not quite like a sommersault, in my home. I was first trying on a mattress to get the technique and when I thought I got it I tried my carpet. STUPID! I misjudged the distance from my head to the floor not taking into account when I was using the mattress it was a good 5 inches off the ground. I rolled, kinda, but landed on my left shoulder and heard a lovely chorus of cracks and pops in my back and since then my shoulder has been almost useless for certain things. Though, amazingly, I could still punch a bag with it, weird! I did go to the chiropractor today to see what he could do. After some serious adjusting and a very deep massage into my shoulder I was able to do a push up again. So, thinking I was fine, I went to class and almost instantly hurt my shoulder again just doing the warm-ups. Sigh. It sucks being old :) So, will have to take it easy for the next couple of weeks. But if anyone in the area has thought of signing kids up or even signing yourself up I'd go with Heather. The kids class is great and the adult one is challenging and a great workout.


1000 Miles in 2021 said...

Oooh-- I like your outfit. I might join just for that!