Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So today I thought I'd do Jonathan. Mostly because he was reading my blog and asked when was I going to do a post about him :)
Jonathan is our family clown. He's always trying to make us laugh. But watch out, if he does something he didn't mean to he gets very embarrassed if we laugh at him. Then he walks off in a huff. For the most part though he's pretty laid back and usually willing to help when asked. Jonathan is taking gymnastics right now. He's been asked to try out for the boys team. Tryouts are next month. I'm a little worried about him trying out, afraid he'll make it. If he's on the boys team that means more time needs to be devoted to practice and of course more money. However, I will keep my fingers crossed for him and wish him luck, he's quite a talented little gymnast.

The whole gymnastics thing started several years ago when we realized we couldn't keep Jonathan from jumping off things or trying to do tricks off the bed or couch. We figured we'd better get him some training so at least at home he wouldn't hurt himself. Jonathan has always been a little monkey. Climbing before he could fully crawl. He'd pull himself over to the baby gate, climb it, then land on his head on the other side. Despite the obvious pain he'd do it over and over. Gates couldn't keep him out of anything.

Jonathan is very proud of the fact that he is a third grader working in a 5th grade math book. So far all the kids really understand numbers and Jonathan has moved ahead a bit faster. His favorite subjects are science, social studies, geography, and math. He'd prefer to never have to write another paper again in his life :) Jonathan discovered earlier this year that reading is actually fun and it's been great to watch him sit down with a book on his own and enjoy it.