Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sprinkler Weather!!!

We went out and bought the kids new swimsuites today. Elizabeth saw one with Spongebob on it and it had a fake grass skirt to go with so she HAD to have it :) It is awfully cute. We got home about 7 pm and they kids begged and begged to go in the sprinkler. The weather has turned and today was pretty warm. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.

This was Seth's first experience in the sprinkler. He didn't like it much. Didn't help that one of his brothers, who shall remain nameless, attacked him with a squirt gun first thing. Then this same child decided Seth just needed someone to put him right in the sprinkler. Seth didn't like that either. He ran out of it and found the closest dirt pile to play in after getting all wet. He's in taking a bath as I type this :)

Rob is home!! Yeah! As of right now he's been up 19 1/2 hours.

Good news on the permits, Tom should have them tomorrow. Woohoo!!! We can finally get started. Tenative start time is next Tues. Finally! Will be nice to get it started. The weather should hopefully hold out, looks like it will cool off but no rain. Fow now anyway. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.