Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Saturday we volunteered at the CF fundraiser at Oaks Park. Every year across the country local chapters put on a walk to help raise money for the CF Foundation. I didn't know about it in time to put together a team for the walk but I was able to go help at one of the stations. I was put in the kids corner where I just needed to help kids make crafts or play games while their parents mingled. It's always so hard at these events because they've found that people with CF can very easily transmit their bacteria to others with CF. And like I've said before once a person gets a bacteria stuck in the mucus in his/her lungs it's there to stay. So now you pretty much have to keep your child 3 ft from other people at all times. That's the worst part about this disease, these kids and adults can't get together and support each other, they could make each other more sick then they already are. I found out a lot of families don't even bring thier child(ren) with CF to these things. They can't even come enjoy the activity set up to help them. How sad is that? I just had Rob keep a close eye on Elizabeth while we were there.
It was amazing to see how many people showed up for it. Some of the teams were huge! It was very encouraging to see so much support. I so wished I had had time to get a team together. I've really been feeling a need to get more connected to my community and I'm thinking this is one way I can. I will be looking into what more I can do with our local CF chapter. I know they have many fundraisers throughout the year so I'd like to get in on more of them.

Later that night the kids were running through the sprinkler as it was another nice, hot day. Nathaniel came running across the deck and slid his foot over a nail sticking up in in the deck. He tore a nice little gash across the ball of his foot and totally freaked out! I guess I shouldn't blame him, there was blood everywhere. But dang, it took a lot of coaxing from Rob and I to calm him down enough to get a good look at it. I have to admit I really thought about getting my camera but it really wasn't a good time. Not sure everyone would want to see the blood pouring out of his foot like that either. Ug! So, off to urgent care, again. We've been to urgent care more times in the last two weeks then we have in the last 5 or 6 years. Crazy! They didn't give him stitches, guess they don't like to stitch the bottom of feet, so they just glued it together. Nathaniel is doing fine. Rob told him to keep a sock on his foot and we chuckled when we saw him put a sock on that foot and not the other. Why would the other foot need a sock, really? So he's been running around the house the last couple of days with only one sock on :) Gotta love him!!