Friday, May 2, 2008

Beginning the Demolition

Well, we finished phase one today. That required us moving everything out of the computer room and garage. We started phase two which is to demolish the computer room. We should be able to finish taking it all down tomorrow. The following are pictures of the whole process. Thanks to my Dad, Julie and Zan for helping to take things apart :)
Here is the room freshly wallpapered from last year. Major pain in the butt to put up the wallpaper but we were trying to sell it.

Julie got to have the first swing at the wall with a hammer. She had some frustrations to take out :)

So much for the pretty wallpaper.

Nice clean wall no damage. Same wall being removed.

Same wall from inside the room.

The two doors in the first picture have to be removed. Problem is when they come to remove the roof they also have to remove our garage door leaving open space between the house and outside. So Zan came over and helped Rob move one of the doors to it's original spot so we'd have something between us and the outside. Makes me feel a whole lot safer as Rob has to leave for Boston on the 12th for 3 days and wasn't looking forward to having a missing roof and garage door while he was gone. Probably still won't sleep but that's just me being paranoid :)


Hesses Madhouse said...

It was really fun, Christy! Thanks for inviting me to come in and release some tension. It's going to be so great when it's done!