Monday, June 16, 2008

Changes Inside Today

Before, corner where the piano was located. The piano is now in the boys' room.


Before, this is where the TV was.

After, Jonathan is standing where the TV used to be. Sorry it is so dark, took three photos and my camera just would not cooperate.

The closets after they took them out. You can use the post there to the right for a landmark. I took a before photo but blogger won't let me load it.
And just so people know, we have officially given in and realized there is no way we can live here while this is going on. As I type this Seth is constantly getting into everything that is out of it's place. So, we discussed things with the Gardiner's (Scott and Sarah-friends from church) and they are willing to let us live in their basement for the next couple of weeks. We are extremely grateful to them for their kindness and generosity. They are too good :) I will have my laptop there so will still receive email and because we have internet phone we can hook our phone up there and actually get our home phone calls, hopefully, we'll see :)


Rachel said...

WOW!!! I can't imagine why you can't live in that. LOL
Can't wait to see the finished product!

Anonymous said...

Christy! The house is really coming along - so glad I can see it even without driving through Portland and Sunset Hwy to see it with my own eyes! :)

You're awesome!