Monday, June 2, 2008

Week 2

They have all the decking up there now. They have also boxed in the floor joists. I can't get decent pictures because they have to put the tarp up every night and I'm not too hip on going up a ladder while they are up there to get pictures :) I didn't know they had been assembling the wall frames today. They are up there, just waiting to be put up into place. Of course it's going to pour tomorrow so no idea if they are going to be able to put them up. Sigh, it's June and it still feels like late winter around here.
Friday we got to pick out the type of wood and stain color for our cabinets in the kitchen. We decided we will replace all the appliances with stainless steel, will look really nice up against the cabinet color we chose. Plus, we get to keep all the silver hardware we purchased for our kitchen a long time ago! Even better :)
This was the house on Friday.
See how it is all boxed in now?
This is the side of the house. The part sticking out the farthest will at some point be Elizabeth's closet. In order to have a good layout for her room we had to hang the closet out in space :)
Front of the house. The very top pieces of wood up there are the frames of the really long, inside and outside wall.


Tonya said...

Hey Christy! I just saw your name on Julie's blog and stopped by to take a peek! I didn't know you were adding on a whole new level! That is a huge under taking. I bet it is tons cheaper than buying a new house right now though. The description of the foot through the ceiling was crazy! That would have freaked me out! We have a family blog also. You can come by anytime:0)