Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Julie, Julie, Julie. My dearest friend decided it would be great to "Tag" me. This means I get to go around and take photos-none staged- of various objects. Ug. She even warned me she was going to but I just now found it on her blog. I'm only doing this because I love her so much :) That and I have nothing else to do while my house gets torn apart :) Thanks, Julie!!

1. Favorite Vacation-Every year we go to the yurts down in Winchester Bay, OR. They are deluxe, so they have a bathroom and mini-kitchen inside. That is my idea of camping! We spend a lot of time each year finding and exploring new beaches.

I think this one is at Horse Fall beach.

Taken at Sunset Bay, newly discovered by us this year. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to go back. We had nice sunny days this year too.

2. Laundry Pile- HA! Just got caught up the other day so this is what is left. Unfortunately my washer goes away as of today so it's not going to be looking too pretty in a few days.

3. The Fridge- What can I say, it's a fridge :)

4. The Closet- It was just cleaned up since the workers had to come in this morning to look under the house, the crawl space opening is there under my side of the closet. Phew!

5. The Toilet- It didn't say which one so I chose the kids' bathroom. I'm impressed, it's actaully clean, I don't have to be embarrassed :)

6. The Kitchen Sink- Soon to be long gone!! YEAH! Tom came in today and put blue sharpie markings all over the counter. Dang I lucked out today, it usually looks so much worse.

7. Favorite Room- Sorry skipping out on this one cause right now I don't have a favorite room. Every room is trashed from the remodel so I really don't like looking at any of them! I'm sure it will soon be the new family room upstairs :)

8. Favorite Shoes- I wear these everywhere and have gotten lots of comments on them.

9. What My Kids Are Doing Right Now-Ah, game time! Now that school is done they get time every day to play instead of having to wait for the weekend. They have to earn Beasley Bucks though to do it and I think in their excitement blew all the Bucks they had earned. Guess they weren't thinking about tomorrow :) By the time I wrote this Seth was letting us know he was awake.

10. Self-Portrait- There is a reason I don't like to post pictures of myself. Dang I look tired. Feel it too :P I debated make-up this morning, should have done it. And so in need of a haircut! Wearing a jacket because it's FREEZING in here.

Your turn. I tag: Breezy, Rachel, Megan, Melissa S. and Heidi.


Rachel said...

Megan actually got me a day or two ago so does that count? Check my blog--- mine were not as lucky as yours!

I love that I can still feel connected to all of my friends in OR!

Hesses Madhouse said...

Ah c'mon now that wasn't so bad, was it? You're a good sport! You have to admit it was kind of fun. Maybe?

Anonymous said...

I have been losing at tag for a long while now...girl :D