Friday, September 19, 2008

Kitchen is finally DONE!

Yeah!! The kitchen is finally completely finished!!! Rob just wasn't getting to the tile like he wanted to. As luck would have it a nice young man asked if he could throw some stuff away in our dumpster when it was here. While he was talking to Rob he mentioned he did tile work and asked if we had any that needed to be done. Heck yah! So Rob hired him. His name is Erik and he did a fantastic job. We had the baseboard tiles to put up still and the backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom upstairs. I'm so so glad we hired him. Very friendly, and did such a great job. There is no way Rob and I could have done this as nice. If anyone around here needs tile work please call us and we will give you his number.

Tomorrow I will try and get before and after photos up.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Trip to Idaho

We had the opportunity to visit family in Blackfoot, Id a couple of weeks ago. Milton and Liz Beasley had another baby boy, William (Billy) Beasley, and we wanted to go to his blessing. It was a good trip, too fast. Didn't get to see everyone as much as we wanted but it was fun! Nathaniel and Jonathan adore their Uncle Mike and he was at Liz's for one night so they were loving that. They got to see all the new cousins we haven't met yet. Sadly, our kids are some of the oldest so not too many to play with. Their cousin Kirsten is the oldest, though, and they really enjoyed hanging out with her. They asked her to come visit. So, Melinda you have to plan a trip out here :) It's so crazy to see Rob's brothers with kids now. Last time we saw most of them they were just newly married. Rob and I had the pleasure of holding Billy most of the time we were there. Such a little cutie and it's so fun to see the resemblance between him and our kids as babies :) While we were there Blackfoot had a parade. The following slideshow has pics from that. The two teenagers with us are Uncle Mike and Rob's cousin, Erica.

On the way home we had the chance to stop in Mountain Home and stay a night with my Uncle. The kids love his house, he has a huge backyard to run around in. Perfect for after being stuck in a car for hours :) Again, too short of time there. Seth had a ball moving a little step stool around they had in their kitchen. Though amazingly he never used it to climb up on anything else :) Thanks, Jim and Dianna, for letting us crash at your place.

We had a good time and look forward to another chance to see everyone!