Friday, May 18, 2012

One Year Old!!!

It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by! Meredith has become quite mobile, she took her first steps the other night. In the past month she has also developed the funniest sound. It's like she's growling, but it's her happy sound. It's just the funniest sound. Thankfully she's started saying more mamamama's and babababa's the last week or so. She's got one or two more teeth, one kept her pretty miserable for almost the whole last month. It finally broke through the other day and she's been much happier. 

For her birthday we just had a small family get-together. The most hilarious part of the whole night is when we let her have her cupcake. She didn't hesitate, once she saw it on her high chair she grabbed it and tried to shove the whole thing in her mouth! Cake and frosting everywhere! None of our kids have gone crazy with their first birthday cake so this was great. So fun to watch her go at it. We gave her a piece of the bigger cake when she was done and she ate that with just as much gusto. She loves cake!

Yay! Clothes! I totally needed bigger clothes!

I can dress myself just fine.

Just love the expression on her face here :)

You guys have totally been holding out on me! I LOVE CAKE!

You don't think I can eat another piece? Just watch me!
Sugar coma setting in?

Showing off one of her new outfits.