Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seven Months Old!

Meredith now rolls over both directions to get to where she wants. She tries to attempt to crawl but at this point only manages in pushing herself backward. We have decided she is the "world's best backward driver", Tow Mater would be proud :) We are trying to teach her to clap. Meredith starts to get it but once her hands touch she clasps them together and then won't let go. She still has an easy smile and laughs a lot! So far everything we have given her to try foodwise she loves, except peas. Those actually made her gag, it was pretty funny. I don't blame her the smell alone made ME want to gag, but have to try everything once, right? She has figured out how to blow raspberries and does it all the time.

Just love this girl!!!

Not sure why her hair looks so red in the other photos because she is not at all. This one is more her true color, she's going to be blond for now :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Trees!

We got our trees up earlier this year than last year, feeling pretty good about that. I opted to get a fake white tree for the downstairs since it shows off all my purple and silver ornaments better. We got our tree for upstairs at a U-cut off of 209th. Wow, that tree sure smells good!! I don't think we've ever gotten a tree that has had such a wonderful scent. I love it!
We spent time last night getting the ornaments up. The tradition is each person gets to pick a Hallmark ornament for themselves every year. So the tree is starting to get loaded down :) The kids have stuck to a theme most years. Nathaniel gets Scooby Doo, Jonathan gets Spiderman, Elizabeth picks out a princess, Seth started getting Disney characters and who knows what Meredith will end up with. We had fun, the trees look great. Just need to finish getting the rest of the decorations up and we'll be set!

Meredith just played and looked cute while we all decorated.
Jonathan loves this set he got when he was little.

First ornament, went straight into the mouth as soon as we handed it to her!

And...looks better in real life :)