Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Should Be Sleeping

It's 9:30 pm at my house right now. EVERYONE is asleep. Except me. The one night everybody is in bed conked out at an early hour and the one who should be exhausted isn't. Ug! It's not like I'm not tired. I have just reached the point where I no longer look forward to going to sleep, which is terribly sad as I love sleep! I know what will happen. I will lay down exhausted. I'll start to drift off when my legs will either start itching like crazy or they'll just start moving on their own. I get restless leg syndrom really bad when I'm pregnant. It is incredibly annoying! If it's not that it's the horrible heartburn I've got going on these days. I have never dealt with that with any pregnancy before. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with this on a daily basis, it totally SUCKS! Zantac was working but the last two nights it hasn't even touched it and laying down will just make it worse, so why try? And lately, when I finally do fall asleep, I'll wake up every 1/2 hour to change sides as my hips get very sore. I'll officially wake up around midnight thinking it's at least 3 or 4 am. I just cringe when I realize I still have 6 1/2 more hours of trying to sleep!!

So, I'm sitting here emptying one of my memory cards to my camera. Figured I may as well use the time to organize the photos off of it somewhat and then get it emptied so we have a camera ready for the hospital. It has been fun to go back through the photos. They go all the way back to Oct 2010 with Elizabeth's baptism. I never got those photos up at the time so may share some here. Then there was the crazy busy Christmas season. Then the pictures jump to Seth's bday in April.

I did finish the top to the quilt I'm making the baby. I will get a picture of it later. I don't feel like getting it and hanging it up so I can get a decent picture of it right now. I like it, it was a very fun pattern to work with and I will be trying some other colors with it in the future. The rest of the quilt will have to wait until after the baby is born as I have to lay it on the floor to pin it and, well, just not a good position to be in with a belly bump the size of a boulder hanging off the front.

I will be so glad when this is over. Not like I'll still get any sleep but at least it won't be because I'm in pain or I can't get comfortable around this ginormous belly. So looking forward to being able to sleep on my stomach again!!

As promised a few pictures from the past :)

Elizabeth and Rob before her baptism. She was baptized by her dad.

Elizabeth and Christy

Our beautiful happy daughter after her baptism

Our mad scientist around Halloween time

Seth being cute in front of the newly decorated Christmas tree

Seth's little music group performed Christmas music at a local nursing home

Jonathan's first band concert Dec 2010

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sick Girl Speaks

Rob and I had the opportunity to attend a CF forum today hosted by Kaiser. It was the first time Kaiser had invited OHSU patients to their event. I had no idea Kaiser had been hosting their own forums/seminars and OHSU their own. I hope inviting each other is something they keep doing.

The one we attended today was more on a personal level. They had a panel of 3 CF patients who spoke to us about their different experiences with the disease. Two had been diagnosed as babies but one not until she was in her 40's! What was interesting is she seemed from an outward appearance to be the healthier of the three. However, she also spends up to 4 hours a day doing her treatments. One young man looked like he'd been having a hard year and he admitted he had. The other lady was also having a harder year but she admitted to not being as good about her treatments. She is also suffering from diabetes. It was just amazing to see how different all three viewed their illness and how it affected their lives.

We then had the pleasure of listening to Tiffany Christensen speak. She is author of the book "Sick Girl Speaks!". She was so fun to listen to. Tiffany had you laughing one minute and tearing up the next. Though the tearing up may have just been me since I cry at the drop of a hat these days. She had so many wonderful insights into her illness and has had an incredible journey through life. She was selling and signing her book after so we picked one up and had her address it to Elizabeth. We gave the book to Elizabeth when we got home and even though it may be a bit over her reading level she is already trying to read through it. E told us she was happy to have it and I think it will do her some good to see she's not the only one suffering from CF. I plan to read it when she isn't and hopefully it will bring up some good conversation.

All in all I'm glad we went. I think we both learned a lot.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Stitches

Rob and I have always believed our number 2 child, Jonathan, would be the first to either break a bone or have to get stitches. He's always having close calls but always manages to get out of the situation without major injury. Well, Seth surprised us this week and got the first set of stitches.

Poor kid was just walking near one of the wall corners, tripped over his own foot, and landed squarely on the corner with his head. I looked up just in time to see it happen and knew it was going to be bad. Sure enough Seth needed 6 stitches to close it back up! Rob and I had to run him to the ER. We really didn't have to wait too long and I really liked the doctor we had. Seth was great, the doctor told him his only job was to hold his head very still and he did just that.

We get to go tomorrow to have them pulled out. I was surprised they didn't need to stay in there very long.

I had to laugh because I realized this is the 3rd pregnancy in a row where something traumatic has happened around 8 or 9 months. When I was pregnant with Seth Elizabeth got lost at the zoo, I was there around my due date. Longest 1/2 hour of my life! When I was pregnant with her, Jonathan was screwing around and managed to puncture his tonsil with one of those long tinker toy sticks. Definitely afraid to have anymore as I'm sure someone is going to lose a limb the next time!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Seth celebrated his 4th birthday on April 2nd. Can't believe he is four already!! He gets mad at me when I call him "baby" now :( He insists he is a big boy now! But just like I've told the others, he will always be my baby. A few weeks before he let us know he wanted a party. I told him we would go to Out of This World with a few of his friends. I just wasn't going to have the energy for a party. My friend has been telling me about this place for awhile now but I've never gotten over there. Figured this was a good time to try it. It's just a big indoor playland type place. The kids loved it! I will agree with the reviews about the food though, the pizza really isn't very good at all. The salad I got though was very yummy, so can always stick with the salads. I'm pretty sure all the kids thoroughly wore themselves out. They all left sweaty and red-faced. Even Jonathan had a good time despite being 11 and bigger than everyone there :) Seth came home and crashed for 2 1/2 hours. Had to wake him up for his cake and presents that we did later.


Rob and I bought Seth foam blocks. He was in the habit of taking all the tp we bought from Costco and using it to build with. We figured he needed the blocks :) 
This morning I was sitting here working with Elizabeth and Seth was quietly playing with his blocks. When I looked up this is what I saw. He's such a nut :) 

This is a TV pillow he received from our friend Lori. Came in handy as Conference was this Sunday. He immediatly ran down and grabbed it to lay on while we watched Conference.

Finally Getting Excited

Last week Rob and I went out to go birthday shopping for Seth. While we were out Rob asked if I wanted to go to Babies R Us to look around. We need a mattress still for the crib and new changing table pad and thought we'd see what they had. I immediately headed over to the clothes and asked if I could get a couple newborn outifits, more specifiically look for an outfit to take her home from the hospital in. I love shopping for baby girl clothes and haven't done it for a while and not at all for this one. Rob said I could pick up a few things. I found a couple really cute outfits, the play/sleeper type, LOVE those kind of outfits. The more I looked around the more excited I got! I just haven't gotten excited this time. I've been feeling so blah this time around that it's hard to think ahead to the baby. I've just been trying to make it through one day at at time. But getting out and actually shopping for HER was what I needed. I got a little discouraged as I couldn't find THE outfit to take her home in. I thought I found something but then they had no newborn sizes. Loved the color, the print and the style but no newborn :( Rob walked away at that point and found another rack with some other outfits and found a couple newborn sizes that had been misshelved. Same print, same color, slightly different style but in a newborn! It was what I wanted and I was probably happier than any other person would have been but my emotions are a bit on overdrive these days. It felt so good to finally be looking forwad to the baby, not just the end of the pregnancy. Her little outfit now sits in a spot where I see it every time I walk down the hall to my room. I can now picture my sweet little girl in her cute little outfit and it makes me smile everytime I see it! I can't wait to have her in my arms and cuddled up together on the couch :)

I'm also starting to get anxious. Up to this point I haven't done anything to get ready for her arrival, haven't had any desire. I'm finally feeling the pressure to get the crib up and the clothes washed and organized and whatever else needs to be done. I've received lots of hand me downs from friends but haven't had the energry or enthusiam needed to go through them. I have a bit but nothing is organized. So now feeling like I need to schedule time in for that. I also received several new outfits from my uncle that need to be washed and organized. Can't wait to see her in them as they are so dang cute! However, all this requires a dresser and we haven't had a chance to pick one up yet. So, I don't want to get started on the clothes until I have a dresser to put them in, which is making me anxious cause I now want to get started on the clothes. The really good thing about this is I'm finally seeing how little time I have left and it's making it feel like it's around the corner instead of years away, haha!