Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello Threes

My little baby turned three this month. I actually went and stood over him while he slept the night before his birthday to get one last look at my two year old. I looked at how big he's getting and had to admit he's no longer a baby and that made me incredibly sad. Seth has been such a sweet kid, such a mild mannered baby. He was totally what we needed after the scares and stress of dealing with Elizabeth. Now he's growing up and is moving into the preschool age. Can't even call him a toddler, he doesn't toddle anymore either. He's either busily playing with his toys or running, running, running. He was quite spoiled for his birthday so after, I had to make room for all the fun new toys he received. I was clearing out his old toys, particularly the huge quantity of Little People we have collected over the years. Again the sadness hit. I was going through getting rid of the "baby" toys and making room for bigger kid toys.
Well, Seth has been great about helping me through the sadness. Now I'm dealing with frustration. The little bugger was an excellent two year old. He totally skipped that phase we all dread and I thought I was going to be lucky. Starting about the day of his birthday it's been one temper tantrum after another!! It's been incredible. Three, for Seth, is terrible! I have my fingers crossed that this will only last a short time but I'm reminded of an older brother who didn't quit til he was five so I'm not holding out much hope. When he finally gets it out of his system he returns to his old lovey self for a short time before getting whiny again. Then who knows what will set him off. Yesterday it was a banana peel of all things! My little angel is gone, hopefully for only a short time. I know (hope hope hope) he'll be back. For now, we get to live with the terrible three year old. At least he's still cute :) 

So an update, I wrote the above about 2 weeks ago. Amazingly Seth has already calmed down. He's still super whiny but he's not throwing a major tantrum every other hour every day!! We are seeing more of my little angel again :)

Here are some pictures from his little party: