Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bowling Fun

Today was a good day for the three older kids. Not so good for Seth. Poor kid woke up with the stomach flu. I was sad as this meant we couldn't all be at the bowling alley to watch the kids compete. It's the first time all three made it into the roll-offs for bowling and I was hoping we could all be there. Rob stayed home with Seth and I went with the older ones.

They all did really well. Jonathan and Nathaniel were on seperate teams so they were competing against each other :) I was hoping both teams would place. There were 5 Future All Star teams bowling for 1st-4th place. Nathaniel's team took 4th and Joanthan's took 3rd. Phew! Down on the other end of the alley were the Tiny Mites. They had 4 teams bowling for 1st and 2nd. Elizabeth's team took 2nd :) So all three kids walked away with trophies for placing. The boys received a small trophy for perfect attendance, pretty good considering there are about 32 weeks in the season. It's nice with bowling because if you can't be there for a Saturday you can pre or post bowl and it still counts as showing up. The flexibility is great! Nathaniel also walked away with a trophy for boys Most Improved! We are very proud of him. He started the year off pretty rough but in the last few months managed to find what worked for him. He's able to out-bowl me now most days :) LOL

All the kids ended up with some really great kids to bowl with. Jonathan's team consisted of Aedan and Luke. Really nice boys and so happy all the time. That was needed to balance out Jonathan's not-so-happy attitude, haha. He's like his mom, gets grouchy when he isn't doing well :) Nathaniel had Zach and Dalton. I appreciated their patience with Nathaniel since, like I said, he hadn't started the year off well at all. I was hoping the kids would end up with the same teams next fall but Zack let us know he was moving up to the Teen Strikers. Elizabeth spent the season with 2 other really cute girls about her age, Gracie and Morgan. They had a lot of fun together!

Was a bit weird after the awards and pizza party to have the kids say good bye. We've seen these kids every Saturday for most of a school year. You just get used to it. Actually, come to think of it, the boys all bowled together during last summer too, so it's been a full year! Weird to think they may end up with different team mates next fall. All three of our kids have choosen not to bowl the summer Jr leagues so we won't see these guys again until fall, IF they all come back.

We have choosen to bowl one of the family leauges over the summer and I am looking forward to that. Get to spend Tues nights with our little family and my dad and brother. 2 teams of three each. And it's No-Tap, meaning if you bowl 9 pins with the first ball it will count as a strike. Hoping that works to my advangtage this time around :) LOL I'll probably start bowling 8's, I just know it. There will be pizza too so I won't have to cook, which on a Tues is GREAT as I have scouts in the afternoon and if I'm not well planned ahead nothing gets made for dinner on Tues. I don't have to worry about it now for 10 weeks! LOL

Here are some pics of the kids and their teams: