Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Update For My Friend

I'm posting because I received a "complaint" today from a friend :) I guess I'm not updating my blog enough for her tastes!! You know who you are and you totally know this is done in fun, right? LOL

So, here is my update. There is absolutely nothing going on in Beasleyville. We've been chilling and enjoying what summer we have left. Nothing spectacular going on, hence the lack of updates. Everyone is healthy, no surgeries in the near future for which I am grateful :) Except for a few back-to-school related gatherings next week I expect I will have nothing else to blog about until my kids go off to school. At which point I'll probably be too emotional to blog anyway, lol.

Oh, there is a camping trip coming up here soon. Maybe I will post some pics from that, IF I feel like it and get around to it :) hahahahaha

That's my update :)