Friday, October 31, 2008

The Last Week

The last week of October was a busy one. We had Elizabeth's birthday, Nathaniel had his cross-over ceremony from Cubs to Boy Scouts, and then it was Halloween.

First, Elizabeth's birthday. Can't believe she is six now. Because she was so small for so long I was able to maintain the illusion of her being a baby for longer then usual. She definitely is not a baby anymore :) She is a very bright little girl who is trying to be more grown up then she is. I'm grateful for every birthday we do get to be with her and that every birthday has seen her happy and healthy.
Here are some photos from her small family party:

Before this party, we had the cross-over ceremony for Nathaniel. He finished up his Cub Scout years with his Webelos rank and his Arrow of Light. Two other boys, Luke and Jonathan C., also received their rank and arrows and I'm very proud of them all. I wish I could take some credit but that goes to their moms who have been amazing working with them at home :) Steve Willoughby did a great job leading the ceremony. He always does :) I know he very much enjoys being with these boys and seeing them advance and that shows at every pack meeting. Thank you, Steve, for always trying to make pack meetings special for the Cubs!
I have to admit I almost shed a tear when Nathaniel walked across the bridge to his new leader, Brother Campbell. I get way too emotional. To me it wasn't just Nate walking across a small wooden bridge on the stage. I saw it as one more step in his life that he takes away from me towards independence and growing up. Sigh, like I said, too emotional :)

And, last of all, our week ended with Halloween, our family's favorite holiday. Only because all of us are candy junkies :)I guess it didn't take Seth long to figure out the process. After three houses Rob said he was running to the next door to get more candy.
Have to show Lori's costume, Bride of Frankenstein. Can't believe she had enough hair to style it like that!! And to use her words, she looked "fabulous"! She was good enough to stay with me and hand out candy as I wasn't feeling too hot last night.


vaxhacker said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

And congrats to Nathaniel on getting Cub Scouting's highest rank. That doesn't come easy, and he should feel good about the accomplishment. I'll be looking forward to attending his Eagle court of honor in a few years.

And the credit for all of that goes to you, Rob and Nathaniel, however much your humble Cubmaster might enjoy recognizing you all for it. Well done!