Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sleeping like a baby?

Seth was having a hard time tonight. Sundays are hard as church falls right in the middle of nap time. We don't bother trying to put him down anymore before hand so by the time dinner rolls around he's pretty cranky. After dinner he was just beyond grouchy and couldn't stop crying and screaming so off to bed he went. Well, he wanted nothing to do with that either so after letting him cry it out off and on for an hour I took him back out. Seth didn't want anything to do with being held either as he continued to scream and cry. Rob took him and couldn't comfort him either so we set him on the chair and let him sream it out. About 20 mins later we realized he wasn't making noise anymore and went downstairs to see what he was up to. Dead asleep on the chair where we left him :)


Rachel said...

Sundays are so hard! For the grownups too! =)

Anonymous said...

Sundays do that to me too. ;)