Monday, February 2, 2009

A Few Other Pictures

Had to share some photos of Jonathan and his bowling team/league. He's starting to get pretty good with his bowling now.

Jonathan with his team "The Three J's".

All the kids in the league. Jonathan is kneeling middle right.

He said the way they made him kneel was killing his foot and he couldn't wait til everyone was done taking their pictures :)

Also a few days before this was our ward's Blue and Gold dinner for scouts. It's tradition that the boys make a cake every year for the desert. Since I'm tired of tons of cake coming home with us afterwards I asked Jonathan if we could do brownies instead. He readily agreed :) He loves chocolate as much as I do! Our theme was Amazing Games so he made a checkerboard, one of his favorite games to play.
He did pretty good, though he got tired of trying to squeeze the bag for the frosting so I'd help every now and then to give his hand a rest. We had fun making it.


Quawana said...

What a cake!! He did a great job and looks like he is loving the bowling!