Friday, March 12, 2010

New Glasses

I had to get glasses when I was 12 so it should not have been a surprise when Nathaniel came home a few months ago telling me he couldn't see the boards in school. I was hoping the near-sightedness gene would pass by my kids. I HATE having to wear glasses. I was thrilled when I could finally get contacts. Glasses were sooo nerdy. I said something about that to Nathaniel and he let me know that these days kids don't mind glasses, even braces. Probably because frames aren't so awful looking as they were when I was 12! Anyway, we got him in and a week later his glasses came in. He loves them :) Loves that he can see again! Just makes him look even more grownup, sigh.


1000 Miles in 2021 said...

Boy he does look grown up. He has started really looking older lately, but those glasses add on the maturity. He is so handsome. Hey- I was 12 too when I got my glasses. I think I look way nerdy all the time in them- but my eyes are too dry for contacts these days.

Hesses Madhouse said...

I think I was about that same age too. He looks great in his glasses!

Quawana said...

I didn't even see him the last couple times I was at the house. He looks great in them. He is right these are not the things kids pick on like when we were little. Tell him we said he looks great!