Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Almost Time!!

Getting very nervous now. For once the day has flown by. So weird to think that by this time tomorrow we will (hopefully) have a new family member!! ACK!!! I'm not going to sleep well tonight. We leave here about 5:30 am to be at the hospital by 6. I think things will get started a little after 7. I'm going to be up all night thinking, I just know it. The last two nights have been that way, thinking about everything I need to get done. Just finished the last thing on my list but still feel like I must be missing something. Haha. I will not be bringing my lap top so pictures will have to wait until we get home, which will probably be Tuesday. And even then, doubt I'll get any pictures up very soon.

Can't wait to meet her! Excited to see what she looks like and how she'll resemble her siblings :) Right now it's pretty even, two kids take after Rob's side and two take after mine. Fingers crossed we don't see any signs of CF but we are ready to accept it if she does. We won't know for sure until results come back on the blood test. Oregon FINALLY has CF on the newborn blood tests they do. But there are things to watch for, at least the signs we saw with Elizabeth, we just didn't know what they meant at the time.

Of course the big question is-How the heck am I going to arrange pictures on the wall now? LOL 4 is so symmetrical, 5 just isn't. Unless it's a pentagon and well, hard to put the pictures on the wall in that shape. Believe it or not I've had several friends ask me about that. The ones that know I like symmetry :) At least it will be awhile before I have photos done of her. I have some more time to think about it.

Ok, off to see what I'm missing and make sure things are clean and ready to go. Then, have to attempt to sleep, HA!


vaxhacker said...

All the best, can't wait to meet her!

And don't think of it so much as a loss of symmetry as an excuse to break free of the bonds of convention and explore something more creative. Or random. Kind of like life :)

Katie said...

Note about the pictures: arrange them like the Olympics logo, 3 on top, 2 below centered in the "windows" created by the top 3. Up to you if you do it by age w/ oldest on top L to R or if you do boys on top (3) and girls below (2). Or if you don't like the pentagon idea, do a star. But my fave would be like the Olympics. =) What a wonderful problem to have =)