Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Six months!

Meredith even got her shots yesterday a few hours BEFORE these photos were taken. She let out a couple really mad screams when she got poked, cried for about a minute than was all smiles at the nurse by the time the nurse was leaving the room :) This "little" girl now weighs 20 pounds and is 28 inches long! 20 pounds! I figured she'd only be around 18 or so. It's all those solids she's been eating. She loves her food :)
I still have yet to see Meredith roll over. She is working on sitting up all by herself. Her only problem is she gets excited and tries to kick her legs out which throws her backward. So, I just make sure I'm sitting behind her to catch her so she doesn't hit her head on the floor. She will spend more time on her tummy now. The great thing is she's moving and doesn't even realize it. The only thing is it's backward. She pushes herself up on her hands so much she ends up pushing her body back away from where I set her. Too funny.