Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Wow, NINE months!! Crazy to think in a few short months she will be a year old!

At nine months, Meredith can pull herself all over the place. She still isn't quite crawling but the last couple days she's been getting up on her hands and knees and has taken a few crawling steps. Meredith claps on command now and waves bye-bye. For not being able to fully crawl she sure is quick and now goes anywhere she wants. I'm thinking it's about time for the big gate as her favorite spot is now the kitchen floor. Maybe because she can move faster in there :)  She has two teeth on the bottom now. We keep waiting for something on top, some days we think we see them bulging but most days nothing is there. She still is just a happy, happy baby!
Love those cheeks and her two little teeth!