Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 2 (a little late)

This is a picture of what they managed to accomplish on Friday. There is now a seemingly random post in our living room :) Don't worry it will look like something in the end, the bottom of the stairs will start there. That closet you see will go away and that will be our way up to the 2nd story. For now though it's pretty funny to have that post just sitting there. Just waiting for someone to walk into it, especially at night with the lights out. It's a 6x6 post, really thick. But you have to understand there is a HUGE beam running over the top of that, in fact they are working on getting that huge beam in there now. So it has to be thick to help support the beam above. The beam above is now extended 2 feet over the back of the house and another big post will go outside to support it there. At first they were going to totally rearrange our living room wall with my big picture window. They were going to tear out the window and put in new, smaller ones so they could put another post in the wall but in no way did I want my window messed with so that's when we decided we may as well add a couple more feet and just hang the 2nd story off the back a bit. So the fun continues :) Just keeping my fingers crossed the rain will hold off every day long enough to let them get a full days work in.