Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 4-big OOPS!

So, there we were today, quietly sitting around the table doing school work when next thing we know there is a FOOT in our ceiling!! One of the workers accidentally slipped off the beam above us and his foot went right through the sheetrock that is our ceiling. It all happened so fast that all any of us could do was jump out of our skins and just stare dumbfounded at the ceiling. They had been dropping stuff above us all morning and we had finally gotten used to the sound. That something actually came through was a bit of a shock. I felt so bad for the guy, I believe his name is Carl. He was pretty embarrassed and so mad at himself because of course that means more work for them later. We made sure he was OK then he came down and did a quick patch job, plastic stapled to our ceiling to cover the hole. I'm not worried, Tom had warned us before they started that it was a possibility and that they would fix it if it happened. I'm glad he warned us. Maybe I jynxed him, I've just been waiting for something to fall through :)


Hesses Madhouse said...

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe it! Poor guy and poor you. They're so good though, I'm sure they'll have it as good as ever in no time at all. Welcome to the world of construction, huh? I'm sure Mark had a cussing fit. I can just hear him now.