Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First lost tooth!

Elizabeth lost her first tooth the other night. It's been loose forever but the little stinker wouldn't wiggle it because she didn't want to lose her teeth. The other day I looked in her mouth and saw another tooth coming in behind the loose one and it's way back there. I told her she HAD to wiggle that tooth and get it out so hopefully the other one would correct itself. Monday night she was eating a piece of bread and all of a sudden yelled that she had lost her tooth. She ran over to tell me and show me and I asked her where her tooth was. She nonchalantly replied "It's in the carpet somewhere." She didn't even care about the tooth, just cared that it was finally out. Quinlan was over and found it for her. Elizabeth was excited about the Tooth Fairy visiting over the night. Her other tooth on the bottom is also lose but once again she won't touch it, she doesn't want to lose that one too :)


1000 Miles in 2021 said...

Congratulations Elizabeth! How cute she is attached to her teeth so much she doesn't want to loose them! I love it!