Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kitchen Has Been Removed

Today Rob went over to the house and, with the help of my dad, took out the kitchen. He actually started earlier, like 4 am. Seth had woken up this morning around 2:30 am and would not stop screaming. No idea what was wrong but Rob finally took him to the house with the hope that Seth would fall back to sleep in his own crib. Guess he continued to scream until 4:30 so Rob figured he was up he would get started on the kitchen. Actually didn't take the two of them too long to get it done. I don't have access to my before pics, they are on the hard drive at home, but here are some during and after shots.

Here is just a cute photo of Seth. He fell asleep there last night after we had run upstairs really quick to talk to Scott. Poor kid was pretty tired.


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I can't believe how much the house is changing. I think it's good to live somewhere else for a little while unitl more progress is made. And could there be a better place then the Gardiners? We just spent the night at our cabin and Greyson decided to be up until 2 a.m. upset. I was grateful for morning.