Monday, October 17, 2011

Five Months Old...

And two days. Can never seem to get the picture and the post made on the month mark. So here she is again-Miss Meredith! At five months she's almost rolling over. She tries so hard to get to her tummy but at the last second arches her back. This brings her back to the starting point again. She did roll over this morning from tummy to back but no one saw it. I put her down for some tummy time, turned around to help Elizabeth with something and when I turned back around she was on her back again! She has finally started laughing quite a bit. For someone who is so smiley it took her a long time to really start laughing. This morning she was cracking up over a stuffed animal of Elizabeth's, a little white lamb. I'd hold it over her and she'd laugh and laugh!! Meredith is getting better at grabbing things. We now have to be careful if we are eating something and holding her at the same time. She LOVES to eat solids! She will reach out her hands and try to grab your hand to get it in her mouth faster. While doing that her whole body will quiver, seriously, in anticipation of the next bite. It's hularious! Maybe, just maybe, I'll get one kid who will eat anything.


vaxhacker said...

Oh, no... she's going to be mobile soon! :) And so it begins.

Cute as can be, though!