Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!!

This handsome young man is 14 today!! I can't believe he is 14 now and a freshman in high school. Nathaniel is such a neat young man. I love his sense of humor. He fires off the most random comments sometimes and I can't help but laugh. He loves to learn and has always done well in school. Nathaniel is very sweet with Meredith and it's so fun to watch them interact. He tries hard to be honest and is a loyal friend. He will be leaving his deacon group at church and will be ordained to the office of teacher today. I'm a little sad about that as it's been nice to have had both boys in deacons for the last little bit, they seem to have had a good time together. But it will happen again in 2 years, both boys will be teachers together for a bit when Jonathan turns 14.

To celebrate his birthday this year we told him he could do something with a couple of his friends. We sat down and marked off the normal stuff, go bowling, lazer tag, hit an arcade. He and Rob finally came up with a party that involved setting up all the computers in our house with a game called Minecraft and borrowing Grandpa's xbox to play Portal. Can I just say geeky? LOL! I just looked at them and shook my head and told them have fun I was staying out of this one :) So that's what he did, had several of his friends over last night and they played games for 3 hours. We bought them pizza and snacks and let them go at it. We are pretty sure everyone had a good time as we heard lots of laughing. And best of all we, the parents, really didn't have to do much of anything!

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel! We love you!


vaxhacker said...

Sounds like fun! I wonder if my own Minecraft-addicted son will follow suit now that he has the idea in mind :)