Monday, April 14, 2008

Anxious to plant

This past weekend was almost summer-like and it gave the garden bug to the kids. They have been begging ever since to plant in the garden boxes we have out back. We decided we'd do it for FHE this week. We got out there and everyone started shivering!! We went from warm spring weather back to brrrrrr cold. Well, heaven forbid we wait another week or two to plant the seeds. Certain members of the family had gotten their hearts set on planting something so we suggested they plant the peas tonight and we'd wait for warmer weather to plant the rest, or at least wait til we have the plastic to cover the boxes. That was enough to please the little would-be gardners. I snapped a few photos before getting too cold myself.

Rob helping the boys get their beds ready.

Jonathan planting his peas.

Elizabeth happy that she gets to plant something!

We have three garden boxes so we decided to let each of the three older kids have their own this year to plant whatever they wanted.

Nathaniel plotting out where he's going to plant his different seeds.