Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Remodel Begins

Tom, our general contractor, came by today with Mark, his foreman. For anyone who hasn't heard we are adding a whole other story to the house. We tried selling last year but we timed it bad and really we never found a house we liked. So, this year the solution is to add on and get the room we need. That way it's exactly how we want it. So far it's been a lengthy process, I think we called them in February and after some delay the plans were finally submitted three weeks ago for the permits. Tom told me today that those should be done by end of this week. He walked into the garage and said something to the effect of "I thought this would be emptied by now." We have a room in there that a previous owner had built himself and for the project to continue it needs to be ripped out. He had told us, yes, to empty the garage. Nothing about having the room torn down. We were waiting for specific instructions. Then proceeds to tell me they should be here next week to start removing the roof. So, Rob will be tearing apart our computer room every night until it's done. I have decided I will take pictures of the whole project to document the "fun"! Phase one has started. The computer is now back in my living room, where I really don't like to have it.

Seth has found a new play place under the computer. And yes, that's a fake hotdog in his mouth.