Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Julie Hess!!!!


To celebrate her birthday this year one of my dearest and closest friends, Julie Hess, held a medieval murder mystery dinner at her in-laws home. We all dressed in our medieval finest and had a blast trying to figure out who the murderer was. We were served a four course meal of the best food ever, thanks to her mil Joi Hess. During the dinner someone was "murdered" and then we went about gathering information through bribery, blackmail or whatever means it took. Julie and her husband, Zan, were the Lord and Lady of the manor. Rob was the sherrif and I was Sherilyn, wife of the sheriff. We both were supposed to act pompous and arrogant. That was the hardest part, I couldn't keep from laughing every time I tried. Rob did a pretty good job of getting people to give up some of their money towards taxes, which was really supplementing our income not the king's :)

Sherilyn (Christy) and the Lady Gwendolyn (Julie)

The Sheriff (Rob), Lord Taylor (Zan) and a serf (Zan's dad)-he won best dressed :)

The gang of medieval merrymakers

Sir Rufus (Mark Temperini) the unsuspecting murder victim

Lady Diana (Tonya Gold) the murderess-Who would suspect such a lovely lady? Only three of our group figured it out :)


vaxhacker said...

Looks like a great party! From what Zan described to me, it sounds like everyone had a good time. We used to do those murder mysteries all the time, back in the vaguely remembered pre-children time of my life.